• Visual Historiography: Tools for Analyzing/Visualizing Journal Content

    As digital editor of the Florida Historical Quarterly (a newly created position), I’m working with colleagues at UCF, Ohio State, and U.Va. on a project exploring the use of human-assisted machine reading to reveal historiographical shifts/lags and map significant patterns (geospatial, temporal, etc.) using the journal’s JSTOR-accessible 1925-2009 corpus. To date we’ve employed, in various combinations, Zotero Groups, Paper Machines, JSTOR Data for Research, and OpenAmplify/Open Calais. At THATCamp’s FHQ workshop (scheduled for 3 pm Saturday) we look forward to demonstrating these tools and reporting some very encouraging — though still very preliminary — results.

    Faculty researchers on this project are David Staley, Ohio State; Bill Ferster, University of Virginia; Connie Lester, Dan Murphree, and Scot French, University of Central Florida. Research assistance is being provided by Ohio State Students Shauna Hann and Erin Tobin and FHQ intern Sarika Joshi.


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