Suzan  Alteri

  • Title / Position: Curator, Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature
  • Organization: University of Florida
  • Twitter: @salteri

I am the Curator of the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature at the University of Florida. I have an MLIS from Wayne State University and a BA in European History from Kalamazoo College. Since I attended a liberal arts school, I have a strong background in the humanities and when I became a librarian, I worked on the Digital Humanities Advisory Board at Wayne State University. I am very interested in developing scholarly networks and the developing digital research collections for humanities scholars. I have two cats, whom I adore and love to play Scrabble.

  • Robinson Crusoe in the Public Sphere


    Robinson Crusoe and the Robinsonades are a major part of digital humanities scholarship, particularly in the fields of English, Education, History, Religion, and the Fine Arts. Robinson Crusoe was published in 1719 by Daniel Defoe and has remained a popular adventure and colonialist text to this day. The University of Florida’s Digital Collections (Baldwin Library) has a subset collection on Robinson Crusoe – – that allows scholars to compare the numerous editions of the text since its first printing.

    I would like to have a discussion about how Robinson Crusoe is used by digital scholars. In particular, I would like the discussion to emphasize how Robinson Crusoe is used in the public sphere and the classroom to create new interpretations of digital information and metadata.

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